Greetings, I’m glad you could join me. What took you so long?

I hope to post stuff that tells you about my travels, taste in music, my thoughts on this crazy world around us and other whimsical interludes.

Residing in the beautiful city of York, the capital of God’s own County, that is, Yorkshire in the North of England.


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        Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

        However, it would be fair to say that I am always lost in music...

        Welcome to Tony Ives' web site. I suppose it is a terrible indulgence to have one for personal use but you can go further from here and read about my travels, music & observations on the immediate and wider world. I hope you take a look.

        November 12, 2019

        Luke Combs - What You See Is What You Get

        Luke Combs’ Midas touch has propelled him to the top of the charts. What You See Is What You Get will shortly take its place on top of the pile. This domination is down to his voice. It draws you in and wraps its arms around you...

        November 11, 2019

        I’m not sure who books the artists to play Selby Town Hall but they deserve a Knighthood. I live near a small, busy and slightly neglected former mining town in the North of England. Miraculously, a procession of exotic Americana heroes whose music you’ve loved for som...

        November 4, 2019

        The East Pointers - Yours To Break

        This award-winning Canadian 3 piece have released 10 absorbing, self-penned songs of electric roots music. The album has Country sensibilities coupled with intense and mesmerising Celtic folk. The musicianship is to the fore with fiddl...

        October 27, 2019

        I was surprised to find out that Drever is still only 40 years old. Stood there in front of a packed small basement he looked clean cut and youthful. Yet as the night unfolded his stories of drunken revelry, festivals and several musical projects, including the folk ba...

        October 24, 2019

        Erin Enderlin - Faulkner County

        This is the next step in the emergence of Enderlin with her third solo album. It’s very much is a continuation of the sound and arrangements of her 2017 effort Whiskeytown Cryer. Her credentials as a songwriter, for the top-drawer Country...

        October 17, 2019

        Whiskey Myers

        Whiskey Myers after 12 years together and five albums have hit the big time with an album at Number 1 in the Billboard Country chart and Number 2 in the Billboard Rock chart. This release took just under three weeks to record in Texas. It rocks. The PR say...

        September 21, 2019

        Neil Sedaka - The Tra-la Days Are Over

        My youngest daughter lived in Stockport near Manchester for a short time. On one of our many trips to see her I noticed a plaque in a nearby street that denoted the site of ‘Strawberry Studios’. This was owned and run by the member...

        September 18, 2019

        Chris Knight - Almost Daylight

        After a seven-year hiatus, Knight returns with a tour de force. His songs are lyrically rooted in the blue-collar world of Kentucky and his sound is uncompromising electric guitar drenched country-blues-rock. Ray Kennedy (5 Time Grammy Awa...

        September 4, 2019

        Two of 2018’s best traditional country albums were released by Erin Enderlin and Kayla Ray respectively. (I sifted through a lot of music to come to this conclusion). However, whilst they’ve accumulated accolades and awards Stateside, with the cost of visiting these sh...

        August 29, 2019

        Hannah James and the JigDoll Ensemble - The Woman And Her Words

        I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed folk music until this delight came my way. Fêted as one of the best accordionists of the British Folk scene, Hannah James has created an album of great beauty.

        The music...

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