Greetings, I’m glad you could join me. What took you so long?

I hope to post stuff that tells you about my travels, taste in music, my thoughts on this crazy world around us and other whimsical interludes.

Residing in the beautiful city of York, the capital of God’s own County, that is, Yorkshire in the North of England.


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        Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

        However, it would be fair to say that I am always lost in music...

        Welcome to Tony Ives' web site. I suppose it is a terrible indulgence to have one for personal use but you can go further from here and read about my travels, music & observations on the immediate and wider world. I hope you take a look.

        May 13, 2019

        In between songs Popović said that she hadn’t played the UK for a decade and that maybe it’d been too long? The crowd roared back that it certainly was. This sublime guitarist had by this stage whipped up a storm with her five piece band.

        With obligatory drums, bass and...

        May 1, 2019

        Christone “Kingfish” Ingram - Kingfish

        On August 15 2105 I cycled 80 miles from Memphis, TN to Clarksdale, MS. The route was hot but flat and there was a Dylanesque thrill trundling along Highway 61. Less pleasing were the dogs that chased me as I pedalled along. Enteri...

        June 23, 2018

        It seems very jaded to continually refer to the age of the Stones in a review but frankly it was quite inspirational the way these septuagenarians ran around the large stage bringing every classic song to life with their energy. Such is the contemporary nature of the p...

        February 22, 2018

        Champion Jack Dupree - I Had A Dream

        I was reading a book I bought in Canada called The Chitlin’ Circuit And The Road To Rock ‘N’ Roll by Preston Lauterbach. For those who know little about the circuit then it was a selection of venues in the American South. The circuit...

        December 11, 2017

        Hurricane Ruth - Ain’t Ready For The Grave

        Ruth LaMaster, resident of St Louis, had three previous albums but wanted to move up a level with the next. To do this she persuaded drummer, Blues Rock producer and Grammy winner, Tom Hambridge, to lead the team. Magic ensued....

        December 2, 2017

        The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

        As I’ve got steadily more into the Blues and Americana it became self evident that there is a lot to discover in The Rolling Stones' late 1960’s and early 1970’s catalogue. My conversion started with Sticky Fingers. The 2016 Blu...

        November 18, 2017

        Larkin Poe - Peach

        Peach is an album that Blues aficionados will approach with caution. Reworking Robert Johnson and Blind Willie McTell songs is a dangerous business. However, the Lovell sisters do a great job, in fact I’m contrite for even doubting them. The rendition...

        September 22, 2017

        Eilen Jewell - Down Hearted Blues

        Eilen Jewell is one of those hard working troubadours who regularly tours all over the world and, for me, comes under the category of ‘I think I vaguely know her’. In fact in my iTunes library I found a few tracks of hers (but as I have...

        June 6, 2017

        Kaleo - A/B

        I was watching a video of a chap cycling in Norway, in the sitting room, thinking that he had a very fine soundtrack accompanying his ride when Harry, my daughter’s boyfriend, appeared around the door and asked if I liked Kaleo? Kaleo were the Icelandic band...

        April 28, 2017

        So it has been a while since our foreign travels and I have thought about producing a Journal post. So what’s happened since then then? It seems like a busy time of house letting, painters and roofers. Sadly the tenant who I wrote about in a previous Post, where I play...

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