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I hope to post stuff that tells you about my travels, taste in music, my thoughts on this crazy world around us and other whimsical interludes.

Residing in the beautiful city of York, the capital of God’s own County, that is, Yorkshire in the North of England.


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        November 6, 2019

        I haven’t written anything about Moores for a while and I suppose I’m looking for new stories but as always there’s a lot of interaction with many of the people I worked with and I have jotted a few notes for your information

        • The former directors got together in a Thorp Arch pub for some lunch in late October. Richard Bown, Peter Thorndyke and David Cook made up the party. I’m glad to report all are in good health. PET seem...

        June 12, 2019

        All my writing has been in some ways a journey. I always had the story but I lacked the grammar and structure. In 2014 I attended an evening course at York University to improve this. We were set weekly writing projects that had to be submitted to the course tutor, or even worse you had to read them out.

        Separately, learning of Wendy’s illness I had contacted her to go around to see her in Sherburn-in-Elmet. Wendy had been one...

        April 11, 2019

        So Tim sent a Messenger message. He’s bought a new bike and would I fancy going out for a bike ride? Well why not?

        Tim’s an old colleague that I worked with over a decade ago. We’d stayed in touch and he’d found himself between jobs. That’s not as bleak as it reads. He’d taken up an offer to join a competitor and his old firm had put him on gardening leave. So in between all the decorating, gardening and other (wife enthused) t...

        February 22, 2018

        It’s been a long time since I’ve updated the Moores page, I know. I need some new things to post! Don’t be shy in passing photos or information to me.

        At a public meeting held by our local MP (about our not having Superfast broadband) then Bob Redwood (Export Sales Manager) appeared! As you can see he’s looking well and a lot younger than he actually is. (I won’t name his age and spoil our new found friendship). Still resi...

        June 4, 2017

        Steve Jessney (Group Design Manager) reminded me that he was a former employee! He is somebody that I have had a lot do with since about 2009. Anyone who looks at the web site will know that I have a passion for music and in addition I love podcasts. So back in the day in a trawl of the internet I came across, by chance, a podacst for Blues music and I recognised the name of the presenter.

        Steve designed, with a team, furniture...

        May 26, 2017

        I have some Moores items to post but tragically some other news has come to pass that I feel I should advise before the usual lighter stuff.

        Steve Johnson (PS Sales) had died after a very short illness at his home in Sherston, Wiltshire, he was just 60 years old. From feeling unwell to his passing was only around a month. This has left everyone not only deeply saddened but utterly shocked at the sudden turn of events.

        You may re...

        April 22, 2017

        Through my last web post then a few old friends came back into view. Clare Currer (Sales Administration) seems to have maintained contact with old colleagues but after a spell out of kitchens then the lure proved too great and she is back with Roundel albeit working from home, well done for swinging that one.

        Similarly it was lovely to hear from Sharron Street (Customer Care) but no information on her life today or more importa...

        March 2, 2017

        It is always a delight to come across old friends and unexpectedly as I was wandering around York District Hospital, at the end of January, I came across a familiar face pushing a trolley full of drugs – Steve Mansfield (Technical). I can confirm that he hadn’t become a Walter White figure (for those who’ve watched Breaking Bad) but that he was an employee distributing pharmaceuticals around the large site. He was very well an...

        January 19, 2017

        I was thinking that I might post a few updates on people and Moores.

        If you want to add anything then I am happy to receive information to later post. Get in touch! I know some people catch up via scouring Linkedin or Facebook. However this won’t be the distorted stuff you read on those sites. I’ve read some people’s summary of their career and felt that Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa. Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela needed to...

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