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Residing in the beautiful city of York, the capital of God’s own County, that is, Yorkshire in the North of England.


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        Record Of The Week #6

        February 12, 2017

        1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of it


        World domination by the Manchester four piece is on schedule with their second album from early in 2016. After having come together at the beginning of the century then it wasn’t until 2013 that they released their eponymous debut.


        Attractive to mainstream pop radio then the singles have flowed and extensive touring in the UK and the USA has brought them to a wider audience. Their second album spawned a new logo/look and a pretentious title. However for all that then the album is exceptional and Matt Healy, the songwriter, voice and frontman, has variety in his repertoire and spans a number of styles. His lyrics can often be banal but there are some compositions that are reflective of the world he inhabits (Nana).


        With songs ranging between straight pop chart pop (Change Of Heart, She’s American & This Must Be My Dream), instrumental electronica (I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of it & Please Be Naked), rock (Lost My Head), 1970’s white soul à la David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ (Love Me), 1980’s synthesiser anthems (Paris & The Sound) and acoustic guitar singer songwriter ballads (She Lays Down). It is an album that you will find something to explore for a long time to come.


        It takes considerable talent to produce a convincing selection of different sounds. Not least are the production achievements on the album with some simple arrangements but often weaving multi layered vocals, synths, dance grooves (think Chromeo or Jungle), electric guitars and even a trumpet solo (If I Believe You) something that I worry that many of their current fans might not be able to identify! At the helm again was Healy but also the ubiquitous Mike Crossey who has worked with Wolf Alice, Artic Monkeys, Foals, Keane and Jake Bugg – only a few million downloads between this lot!


        The album always engages and provides a platform to move into the heavyweight division of rock artists with a fat catalogue of excellent work behind them. Matt revealed in his Rolling Stone interview that he is a mixed up boy with a lot on his mind but let’s hope that the creative juices keep flowing.



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        Record Of The Week # 79

        November 12, 2019

        The Dustbowl Revival - Selby Town Hall, Selby - November 7 2019

        November 11, 2019

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