Greetings, I’m glad you could join me. What took you so long?

I hope to post stuff that tells you about my travels, taste in music, my thoughts on this crazy world around us and other whimsical interludes.

Residing in the beautiful city of York, the capital of God’s own County, that is, Yorkshire in the North of England.


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        August 19, 2019

        The Grey Nomad Goes Forth

        When Anna suggested a European jaunt to Vienna in August she thought about amazing cake, enormous history, wide vistas of a beautiful city etc. and I immediately thought I could ride my bike there! In fairness one of my favourite films is The Third Man set in post war Vienna with Orson Welles and I note there is a walking tour of the famous images in the city from that 1949 classic. From Vienna we’re p...

        August 12, 2019

        After a 16 day bike ride, mainly camping, to Vienna I met Anna at Vienna Airport to spend seven days exploring the Austrian capital with a brief day trip to Slovakia. My bike ride is covered under a  separate post, please seek it out.

        There really is a lot to like about Vienna and, as I thought, it is one of the most delightful capitals in the world. I've been here twice before - once as a teenager with my parents and then in t...

        May 25, 2019

        A quick trip to Spain for some warmer weather was devised by the present Mrs Ives. How could she resist Northern Spain with Ryanair offering tickets from Newcastle at £28 each? 

        Maybe a clue as to whether the airline passengers were cultured and interested in the history of this town of 100,000 was clear when the amount of blue on the vast selection of tattoos was only matched by the paint on the carrier’s fuselage. Anothe...

        March 4, 2019

        Sri Lanka Day 1 – Prince Philip, Rucksacks & Sleep Deprivation

        So this is the start of a trip to the Indian sub continent. I haven’t visited before and I have some preconceived ideas as to what to expect but little else. Before you ask then I’m not taking a bicycle but something a lot more troublesome: I am taking a wife.

        On the day of departure I’m not proud to say that I was as truculent and fractious as a hormonal teenager on...

        February 12, 2019

        This is Part Two of my epic bike ride from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. Part One (an earlier blog) took you from the Atlantic to Kansas and this blog picks up the rest of the tour. The scenery and weariness changes along with the temperature!

        Originally this blog was on a Google blogging site and this re-posting on my site tidies up the typos and some of the mystery English (!) that occasionally surfaced as I w...

        December 21, 2018

        I made my second long distance bike tour in 2014. The first had been in Europe but this was a whole new type of adventure. For me has become a benchmark for all cycling since then. I kept the blog as I rode along and put it on a Google host - Blogger ( However I have now transposed it for my own site and reading through it still brings me immense pleasure at the rich experience,...

        October 13, 2018

        There is a misconception (usually flung around by those who have no experience in the matter) that cycling in London is a fool’s errand, a sure-fire way to the hospital or the morgue. They believe that every driver in London is a killer, wishing to etch numerals onto their dash with every cyclist they maim, and equally that every cyclist is a menace to society with their renegade riding.

        I have been cycling in London for four a...

        September 19, 2018

        A brief car tour in the Republic of Ireland. Thoughts on people, landscape, history and the visitors to the Emerald Isle

        August 14, 2018

        Day 1 - Split to Pakoštane, Croatia - 61 miles & 968 metres climbed

        So it felt like a pending examination. I had some butterflies about the upcoming distance, the hilly terrain, narrow roads (and impatient traffic), sweltering heat, weight on the bike (with luggage) and a slightly dodgy right knee. I’ve been here before but had some anxiety about the journey home before I started. 

        This had a lot to do with a 6 mile 400 metre cl...

        June 30, 2018

        A guest blog by Matt Gray

        (Matt and Katrina (no relation) were on holiday in Vancouver and then Seattle when the following unfortunate event came to pass. What can you say!

        Matt is a writer, coffee connoisseur, voracious reader and potential Northampton Town fan (he just hasn’t realised it yet). After duress, on Katrina, she has delegated and prevalied on Matt to pick up his pen. Frankly this is so funny and well written that t...

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